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potterdome's Journal

PotterDome: A Harry Potter, Post Voldemort, -DH RP
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A Harry Potter, Post-Voldemort, Deathly-Hallows-Ignored RP

This is the In-Character journal for Potter-Dome.

Potter Dome is a post-Voldemort defeat; Deathly Hallows ignoring, slightly canon- bending Harry Potter RP set in the U.K., London and surrounding areas specifically.
What You May Need



Current Character Roster

Cast Call [Open and Wanted Characters]


New Player Instructions - Under Construction



Glossary - Under Construction

Major Storyline Updates


Event Dating - Or, how the bloody hell do I remember what day it is?

Community Links
Potter Dome In-Character Journal

Potter Dome Out-of-Character Journal

Maintainer/Moderator Journal

This is the community for a Role- Playing game based on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. These are not real people. All original characters belong to their respective owners. All of Rowling's characters belong to her, of course. We do not intend any harm or copyright infringement, just a bit of harmless fun.

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